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3353697711_b7b4b612af2Thanks to all the media that came out in the rainy weather for a great cause.

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It is not about what you gather, it’s about what you scatter that means the most.

TOBI Committee members take a moment out of the busy day to reflect on what the Texas Children’s Hospital Renal Unit means to them. It’s truly about sharing of time, talents and resources to help our children.

SO…What happens to the fish?

Jimmy Lasseigne offers some insight into how the fish are cared for and returned to their natural habitat.  Thanks Jimmy!

Overall Tournament Weight Rankings

Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational - 2009

The results are in and overall weight rankings are official. Alan Stubblefield with Southwestern Energy holds onto the overall tournament Big Fish leaderboard from yesterday’s big fish.  

Below is a list of the overall winners of the tournament during the past two days of the Texas Oilman’s Bass Invitational.

Congratulations everyone!

1st Place – Billy Hakes and Bobby Logon 41.11 lbs.

2nd Place – Mike Mahan and Dan Fowler, 37.50 lbs.

3rd Place – Britt Cavalier and Hunter Parra, 37.01 lbs.

4th Place – Joseph Lopez and Christopher Lopez, 34.97 lbs.

5th Place – Donald Romero and Larry Verret, 33.59 lbs.

Day Two – Biggest Fish and Biggest Stringer of 5 Fish

1st fish of the day

First place on day two for the biggest fish was Britt Cavalier and Hunter Parra.  They also were the first team to weigh-in today.  Great job guys! Biggest fish weighed in at 8.38 lbs. and the stringer weight was 21.91 lbs.

Tournament Summary

picture-078Great day on the lake for all the anglers in the Texas Oilman’s Bass Invitational.  Here are a few facts summarizing the tournament.

  1. Total # of Teams to Weigh – Day one – 371, Day two – 272  Total 651
  2. Total # of Fish Caught – Day one – 1479, Day two – 1105  Total 2584
  3. Total Wt. of Fish – Day one – 3531.76 Day two – 2661.71  Total 6193.47
  4. Average Weight Per Fish- 2.4lbs.

$1 Million Milestone

The most memorable catch of the day in the Texas Oilman’s Bass invitational was the funding raised for the children of Texas Children’s Hospital. See the video here.

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